Do you frequently suffer back pain or neck pain or have you suddenly started experiencing it?

Are you suffering from muscle/joint aches and pains?

Do you get frequent headaches which seem to be related to stress in your neck and shoulders?

Are you anxious to get back into sports or work following an injury or accident?

Does the tension that builds up in your shoulders and neck get you down?

Are advancing years causing muscle and joint pain and affecting your freedom and ease of movement?

Do you think it’s time you took some positive action to deal with these problems, and maximise your physical well being?

Do you want advice and help from a highly qualified health care professional?

At Malaga Physiotherapy Centre we care passionately about your aches, your pains and your injuries. We will listen to you and work with you, striving to help you regain your optimal physical well being.

At Malaga Physiotherapy Centre we are highly qualified health care professionals able to diagnose, analyse and treat your musculoskeletal symptoms. By discussing options with you will be able to determine the most appropriate individualised treatment for you. At Malaga Physiotherapy Centre our treatments focus on reducing your pain, improving your flexibility, improving your mobility and movement, assisting the healing process and minimising the risk of recurrences.

In short – we want to get you back to enjoying your life to the max.

We can help you move better and feel better – let us help you.

So...What is physiotherapy we hear you ask?

Physiotherapy is about maximising the body’s ability to move and to function in your day to day activities and life. The ability to move is fundamental to our lives and our well-being. The body is a very complex machine with many moving parts. All systems are in some way interconnected and able to influence the way we move and how we feel. Being able to move in a coordinated, smooth, pain free manner is dependent on, not only all of the different components doing their specific tasks properly, but also doing so in the correct sequence, strength, timing etc in coordination with all other components. There are a multitude of things that can affect body movement which can lead to pain, stiffness, uncoordinated movement, loss of strength or even loss of ability to do the things that we once could do. Whether this is caused through sustaining an injury at work, sport or accident, as a result of some inflammatory or disease process, through overuse or even related to stress, or through a disorder that is present from birth, physiotherapy has proven to be an effective way to treat many of the problems affecting movement.

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. We have detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, of biomechanics, of injury and healing processes, of pain generation and perception, and of exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques including manual therapy such as joint mobilisations or manipulations and
neural mobilisation
techniques to reduce pain and stiffness; exercise programs to increase flexibility, strength and fitness;
massage for myofacsial release, to affect muscle tension and muscle length, to improve circulation and affect healing;
muscle re-education
to improve coordination; heat, cold, electrotherapy or dry needling to relieve pain, reduce swelling and affect healing processes. You may even need some bracing or strapping to help support a joint or to take tension off some soft tissues for a short time. All of these treatments provided by our physiotherapists help to improve your movement, reduce your pain and improve your function.

Physiotherapy can only be provided by a qualified physiotherapist, someone who meets stringent university level qualification standards. In order to practice in Western Australia a physiotherapist must also be registered with APRHA, the national registration body for Health Practitioners. 

By choosing a physiotherapist to assist you with your pain, movement or functional issues you are putting yourself in good hands.

At Malaga Physiotherapy Centre we span 30 years of experience in providing physiotherapy services. We pride ourselves on professional excellence; in ensuring we offer the most up to date, contemporary techniques by being committed to ongoing post graduate education and training.

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